The office of Rossi & Shirey currently participates in the following insurance plans:

  • Dept. of Community Health/State Health Benefit Indemnity and PPO Plans
  • Blue Cross/Blue Shield Indemnity and PPO Plans
  • United Healthcare PPO
  • Dr. Rossi participates in the national PPO of Private Healthcare Systems (PHCS).

    Dr. Shirey participates in the national PPO of Integrated Health Plan. This plan acquires smaller networks on an ongoing basis. You may see one of the following designations on your insurance card if your insurance provider is part of the Integrated Health Plan: Multiplan, BCE Emergis Corp. or AETNA National Advantage Program (NAP).

    NOTE: Please check online or call the number on your insurance card before your office visit to ensure that your physician currently participates in your plan. Please bring your insurance card with you to your office visit.

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